City Network Infrastructure

The term Smart City was first used in the 1990's when urban planners began to understand the importance and role of technology within the new information society and how its was contributing to the birth of a new economic era.  The telecoms and dot-com boom of the 1990's and its subsequent crash created a digital divide. Cities began to realise that innovative businesses demanded access to new fibre networks and services but the telecoms carriers were no longer digging speculatively.

The team at have been bridging the gap between the needs and demands of the real estate industry and the ICT industry for nearly 15 years. 

Our services include City-wide network infrastructure consultancy, campus networks, smart buildings and providing ICT cloud services to multi tenanted buildings.

A Managed Services Background was originally setup to deliver a range of IT managed services to clients on business parks and within multi tenanted buildings. Although the company has now grown to deliver complex communications products to client’s nationwide, managed IT services are still at the heart of what we do.